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Are online services are expanding every day. We are constantly trying to improve and respond the best way we can to your needs.

That is why you can now you can choose between online courses and online private lessons.

Private online lessons VS Online course

Take a look at the tables bellow to understand the difference between online private lessons and online courses

Online private lessons

RSD 1490
per lesson
  • Max students: 2
  • Schedule: flexible
  • Focus: student′s particular or general needs
  • In case of 2 people attending the lessons, the price is 900 RSD per person per lesson
  • Cancellation policy: if the student cancels the lesson more than 24 hrs before, he/she would not be charged. However, the student can use this convenience once for every five lessons.

Online courses

RSD 14400
twelve 60-minute lessons
  • Max students: 2
  • Schedule: fixed
  • Focus: following school curriculum, adapting to student′s needs
  • In case of 2 people attending the course, the price is 9600 RSD per person per course
  • Cancellation policy: a student can cancel the lesson only once during the three month period.

16% discount on private individual lessons

1190 RSD 1000 RSD/per lesson

Only in March and April 2020

15% discount on individual courses

14400 RSD 12240 RSD/12 lessons

Only in March and April 2020


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